Water Tracker - Drink water with EasyFit Pro

Water Tracker - Drink water with EasyFit Pro

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Drinking enough water daily can be very challenging. This beautiful app can help you build this good habit very easily and keep you hydrated every day, which can increase your fitness, improve weight loss and prevent certain illnesses.

This is the Ad-Free pro version of "Water Drink Reminder - EasyFit".
Languages from the free version are all available here.

Do you drink enough water?
Do you always forget to drink water regularly?
Do you want to improve your fitness?
You need Water Drink Reminder EasyFit - a water tracker app to help you develop the good habit of drinking enough water daily.

Water Drink Reminder EasyFit helps you stay hydrated all day by reminding you every couple of hours and motivating your to drink more water using beautiful motivational badges.

1. One click only to track your water, no confusing cups and bottles. Customize amount per click and done.
2. Awesome motivational badges to reinforce the habit of drinking water regularly.
3. Reminders throughout the day to keep you hydrated.
4. Beautiful animated statistics to show your water drinking history.
5. Backup your statistics on your SD card easily to import it later on other phones.

The benefits of drinking water
1. Stay in shape and keeps you fit; water is calorie free
2. Clears up your skin
3. Keeps your skin and nails healthy
4. Helps prevent kidney stones
5. Keeps you hydrated

Top Support
With one click only, you can email me any questions or suggestions you have and as you know from my other apps, I take very personal care of users and help them at any time and very quickly.
Support Email: *[email protected]*

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